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Unwanted Books = Literacy Funding

Wheelock College Library: Unwanted Books = Literacy Funding

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Unwanted Books = Literacy Funding

Thanks to your donations of unwanted books at the end of last year, over $70 was donated to the National Center for Family Literacy.  The Library also received a commission which will be used to purchase additional materials to support you in your coursework. Instead of your unwanted books ending up in a landfill, they were sent to Better World Books to be resold or recycled.

Last year we sent them 334 books; 288 were reused and 46 were recycled. By reselling and recycling these books, we had a positive environmental impact. Your book donations saved 6 trees, 4028 gallons of water, and 481 lbs of greenhouse gases. The moral of the story is, if you have unwanted books at the end of the semester, place them in the Better World Book bins located in the Library foyer, the CCSR, the old Student Center, and at Hawes. We will send them to be recycled and the environment, the literacy foundation, the Library, and ultimately you will all benefit.



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