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Feeling stressed? Watch some fish!

Wheelock College Library: Feeling stressed? Watch some fish!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Feeling stressed? Watch some fish!

What am I going to write about? I have no ideas. What have I been doing lately that could be of interest? Nothing – all boring librarian stuff. Look around at the stuff in my office – maybe a physical object will give me an idea…folders, papers, journals, books, computer, phone, printer, chairs, stack of boxes serving as a table, calendar poster, happy light. Happy light? Seasonal affective disorder? Too depressing. Rolodex? A wry reflection on change? Who cares; I don’t even care. Clock? Observations on individual preferences for digital vs. analog and do young people wear watches anymore? Oh, how original…

Wow, I am really stuck. 10-day traffic jam in China? Old news. [Brain surf over to] Blizzard of ’78? Not blogable. Dumb websites? The ones I know aren’t as good as the ones they know.

I give up.  Why don't we take a break and watch some soothing images of fish in an aquarium?  Maybe it will inspire some great ideas... 

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