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Noisy Season Gets Early Start at Library

Wheelock College Library: Noisy Season Gets Early Start at Library

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Noisy Season Gets Early Start at Library

Noisy Season at the Wheelock College Library officially opened at 10:42 Tuesday morning, when the Library staff received the first TalkBack complaint of the semester about Quiet Zone disrespectors.

Typically beginning right after the Thanksgiving break, the Noisy Season has been getting noisier in recent years, but this is the earliest onset since records have been kept. Library Director Brenda Ecsedy said the season is the result of the convergence of several factors.

“As we get later into the semester Library usage increases, and the stress of patrons using the Library increases,” she said. “As more offices and functions come into the building, and as we increase enrollment, the usual noise escalation is compounded. It isn’t surprising really that the season has opened earlier than usual, but this is even ahead of any predictions we had.”

Associate Director Ann Glannon noted that the Library is taking steps to keep the season from getting out of control. “As soon as we got that TalkBack message, we knew we had to act quickly to contain the spread of noise. Once it gets out of control, it’s hard to pull back.

“So we are increasing staff monitoring of the building, and will be posting reminders in the Quiet Zones. We’ve alerted the other offices in the building to the early arrival of Noisy Season so they can assist in curbing unnecessary volume as soon as they hear it.”

Patrons who encounter Noisy Season violators are asked to politely encourage them to reduce the noise, or to alert Library staff if they are uncomfortable directly addressing the perpetrators.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you serious....lets get a life people. The library needs to be a place of chatter and group work. What are you going to do if I am in a quiet zone and I am to loud....kick me out!!!!Honestly this is dumb dumb dumb......

8:36 PM  
Blogger Wheelock College Library said...

I’m sorry to hear you feel that way, Anonymous. Quiet Zones (floors 3M, 4, 4M, and the basement computer labs) exist because students asked for them. Your studying needs are diverse, and while some people use the Library for collaboration and group projects, others need a quiet place to focus on individual work. Since there is no other location on campus where quiet is expected, we created one.

If you need to chatter and do group work, floors 1-3 are “collaborative work zones.” In addition, the conference/group study rooms on floors 2M and 3M are great spots for people to work together with the door closed, keeping the noise inside.

If you need to be really loud, maybe the Library is not the best place for you to work. Try the Campus Center, Pilgrim Student Center, or spaces within the dorms.

And, actually, yes, per our official Code of Conduct, we do reserve the right to “kick [you] out” if you are being too noisy, particularly in the posted Quiet Zones. Of course, we would first ask that you reduce your noise level or move from the Quiet Zone to a space where a higher level of noise is OK. But repeat offenses could result in us asking you to leave the Library.

We are a community that needs to accommodate a wide range of needs in a small space, which means that we all must work together with tolerance and respect to make that possible. And we are quite serious about that.

-Brenda Ecsedy, Library Director

1:35 PM  

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