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Library Code of Conduct (a.k.a. Shhhh…)

Wheelock College Library: Library Code of Conduct (a.k.a. Shhhh…)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Library Code of Conduct (a.k.a. Shhhh…)

Yes, we have one.

For many years we have not advertised or explicitly reminded Library users of the standards for behavior, believing self-regulation and peer enforcement to be the preferred methods for ensuring a safe, secure, and welcoming environment conducive to study and research. But the survey of students we conducted last spring told us otherwise. It was very clear from your comments that many of you did not find the Library conducive to study and research because it was noisy. And that you wanted Library staff to do something about it.

To make the expectations of appropriate behavior explicit and clear, we have posted the Code of Conduct on the Library’s webpage and physically in the building, and staff members are actively working to rebuild a culture of respectful peace and quiet. We invite you to join us. The easiest way to make the Library quieter is for all of us all to be quiet; simple, but not necessarily easy. So we may at times remind you of the community’s need for the Library to be a quieter place, a.k.a. Shhhh…

Shhh... Librarian image copyright Farmington Public Library Foundation; used with permission. Order your own Shhh...Librarian Gear today!

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