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Searching for Peace and Quiet?

Wheelock College Library: Searching for Peace and Quiet?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Searching for Peace and Quiet?

Last spring, the Library conducted a student satisfaction survey. Many survey respondents asked for more quiet space in the Library. You asked, we listened!

Starting this fall, the following areas in the Library are Quiet Zones:
  • Basement computer labs
  • Floor 3M
  • Floor 4
  • Floor 4M
Conversations in the Quiet Zones need to be brief and-- you guessed it-- quiet. Cell phone use is prohibited. If you need to watch a video or listen to music on a computer, you must use headphones.

The Quiet Zones are places for you to study and work on class assignments in peace. If you need to do group work or have a conversation, you are welcome to do so on Floors 1-3, or in the conference rooms on floors 2M and 3M. Even in these "Non-Quiet Zones," though, the noise should be kept to a respectful level.

If you're ever bothered by noise in any area of the Library, Quiet or Non-Quiet, let a staff member know right away! We are happy to help.



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