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BANNED: And Tango Makes Three

Wheelock College Library: BANNED: And Tango Makes Three

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

BANNED: And Tango Makes Three

It’s nice to see a picture book with a gay theme that isn’t overpowered by its message. And Tango Makes Three is based on a true story, so the unfolding story isn’t over burdened by the points the author is trying to make. It’s an interesting story, with good illustrations, which combined with its always popular subject—penguins—makes it a fun book.

Back in the day, (my day, that is) Lollipop Power Press, was producing ground breaking books like When Megan Went Away (J-P Se8w) about a lesbian couple’s break-up, In Christina’s Toolbox (J621.9 H75i), about a little girl using tools, and Martin’s Father (J-P Ei25m) about a single father nurturing his son, that presented people and situations that were unheard of in mainstream media. Lollipop described itself as a ”women’s liberation” or “feminist” collective whose mission was to “counteract the sex-stereotyped behavior and role models that society presented to children.” Very important mission, definitely necessary, but the stories tended to get buried under its weight.

There used to be a cigarette ad aimed at women: “You’ve come a long way, Baby.” Banned or not, And Tango Makes Three shows we really have.

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